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    So this morning, as intrepid houseguest Karl and I prepared to head out for a nice day at a Montreal amusement park, our apartment's maintenance guy knocked on the door. The apartment right below ours had just had a bunch of their bathroom ceiling collapse, and our bathroom was of course the most likely culprit. He opened up an area in one of the bedroom closets that led sort of into the wall behind the tub, messed with the plumbing back there for a bit, and decided it wasn't the culprit. No, no, it was the toilet. Great. Karl and I went to the amusement park as planned anyway, since we couldn't do anything and the amusement park DID have working bathrooms, and left poor Duncan (who hadn't planned to come along) to guard the apartment and provide updates.

    As it turned out, some section of the plumbing under the toilet hadn't been properly tightened up, leading to 99% of every flush going into the plumbing and 1% going into the floor/ceiling. With the toilet removed and part of the ceiling fallen down, Duncan could actually SEE into the other apartment's bathroom! The handyman replaced the toilet, claimed things were (mostly) fixed and would be all fixed when he came back with some stuff to seal the edge of the toilet properly, and we thought everything was at least sort of almost kind of okay. At least in our apartment. Probably not in the downstairs one, poor bastards.

    Until Karl tried to take a shower and there was no hot water. Oh, said Duncan, the guy probably just forgot to turn the hot water to the tub back on. So we popped the cover back off and shone a flashlight around in there... only to notice a trap containing an EXTREMELY deceased mouse that the handyman had apparently thought it was cool to leave back there. As well as some dishes of rodent poison. One of which had been slightly spilled today, tipping a couple of pellets into the closet... a closet that our very mammalian pets have access to.

    Oh, and the hot water? The plumbing in the closet didn't have anything to do with it. It's still out, for no apparent reason. In the whole apartment.
    Obama: "Please start obeying the Fifth and Eighth Amendments again, everyone."
    Liberals: "aahhhh Obama is the awesomest thing ever aahhhh all of our faith in him is justified"

    Our expectations are so low!
    Probably boring.

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    Mr Mood: jubilant political

    If McCain is, how you say, unable to discharge his duties at the scheduled debate this Friday, maybe Palin, prepared and qualified as she is, should step in.

    I would enjoy seeing that.
    1. Call Ottawa Wood Pellets to ask if they sell... uh... wood pellets.

    For an encore, I plan to call Canadian Tire and ask if they have tires.

    Mr Mood: embarrassed embarrassed

    Our noisy screaming stomping non-shoveling downstairs neighbours have been replaced by quiet childless semi-vegetarian mountain bikers who don't have a car but have volunteered to help us shovel the driveway in the winter anyway.

    I've never been so happy.
    I am making ridiculously complicated chocolate chip cookies as described in this NYT article and Sean's LiveJournal entry.

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    The dough is refrigerating now. It's hard to wait.

    Mr Mood: hungry hungry

    We're in a motel outside of Cleveland, on our way between Ottawa and Wisconsin. And while I'm not going to give you anything interesting like Niagara Falls pictures yet, I WILL tell you about this.

    Me, figuring out where we can get food before hitting the road: "Okay, I figured out that there's a Giant Eagle near here."
    Duncan: "...what?"
    Me: "After we leave, we can go to the Giant Eagle."
    Duncan: "..."
    Me: "Giant Eagle is a grocery store."
    Duncan: "OH!"
    My muffler fell off!

    ... but not the good kind of falling off where you can pick it up and put it in the back of your car and drive away, albeit noisily. The bad kind of falling off where it's still attached in one place and you can't get it off but it will still drag on the ground.


    Mr Mood: indescribable amused-by-bad-things